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Business Interest  

Veterinary surgeons are required to declare their, and their relatives, business interests in particular veterinary products or veterinary services. The declaration must be made to all clients in writing, so that potential conflicts of interest are avoided - for example when recommending the use of products or services in which the veterinary surgeon has a business interest.

If you have a financial or business interest in veterinary products or services, clients must be advised in writing to comply with the legislation. You can include the declaration on your accounts, and the Board suggests that a sign is also posted in waiting room advising clients of the interest.

The Board is required to keep a list of these prescribed business interests (S.46 of the Veterinary Practice Act), and the document below provides more information about this.

You can download the Prescribed Business Interests Form by going to the Forms page of this site. It should be completed and returned to the office of the Registrar. Contact the office of the Registrar if you have any queries about Prescribed Business Interests.