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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Board, in common with other professional bodies, considers it is important for members of the veterinary profession to be involved in a regular program of continuing professional development (CPD). The Board requires that all registered veterinary surgeons provide details of their CPD activity each year at the time of renewing their registration.

The Board has set the requirement for 60 units of CPD activity to be completed over a 3 year period.

It is recommended that you keep copies of your CPD records for 5 years, along with evidence of the CPD activity undertaken.


Those exempt from CPD are:

  • New graduates in their first year of practice
  • Registrants undergoing formal post graduate training

CPD Units - How Much?

60 units of CPD per triennium must be undertaken. At least 15 of these units should be structured continuing education (eg lectures; courses; workshops; seminars etc).

Structured (minimum 15 units each triennium)
Activity Unit Value
University CVE courses 1 hour 1 unit
Postgraduate courses etc. 1 hour 1 unit
Conferences, Seminars, etc 1 hour 1 unit
Presentation &/or publication of papers 1 hour lecture 5 units
Other professional presentations 1 hour 1 unit
Correspondence courses 2 hours 1 unit
Written assessment tests 1 test 1 unit
Assessed audio/video tapes/information technology 2 hours 1 unit
Activity Unit Value
Reading 2 hours 1 unit
Non-assessed audio/video tapes/information technology 2 hours 1 unit

What is appropriate CPD?

CPD is much broader than veterinary medicine and surgery. CPD that is relevant and of benefit to any aspect of a veterinary surgeon's professional life may be considered to be appropriate and recordable CPD. For example, practice management and communication skills are as important as other forms of CPD that relate more directly to veterinary medicine and surgery.