Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (FOI Act) the Board, as a government agency, is obliged to provide access to personal files and to provide copies of information contained in these files to the person concerned. In this context the relevant files are those containing information on initial application for registration as a veterinary surgeon, veterinary specialist or veterinary service provider.

There is an obligation to provide information in personal files and to provide copies of information contained in these files to the individual concerned on receipt of application for access. The Board is not obliged to provide access or copies of information relating to the investigation of complaints on normal request. However, it may be prepared to provide some access under certain circumstances, and will treat each request on its merits.

Requests for access to documents should be directed to the Registrar in writing and accompanied by an application fee of $35.00. Please note that processing charges may apply.

Information Statement of The Veterinary Surgeons Board of SA

The Veterinary Surgeons Board - Structure

The Board consists of 8 members appointed by the Governor, of whom 6 are nominated by the Minister, one is nominated by the South Australian division of the Australian Veterinary Association Ltd, and one is nominated by Council of The University of Adelaide. Of the 6 Ministerial nominations, one is a legal practitioner, 4 are veterinary surgeons and 2 are lay persons.

Functions of the Board

  • To administer the Veterinary Practice Act 2003, and its Regulations.
  • To maintain a register of persons qualified to practice veterinary surgery of persons entitled to be registered as veterinary specialists and of persons removed from the register for disciplinary reasons.
  • To regulate the practice of veterinary surgery in South Australia.

Enquiries should be in writing, and be directed to the Registrar at GPO Box 11020, Adelaide, SA 5001.

Freedom of Information Officer

The Presiding Member is the Principal Officer of the Board under the FOI Act. The Presiding Member has designated, pursuant to section 4 of the FOI Act, the Registrar as an Accredited FOI Officer for the Board.


  • Annual Report, incorporating a statement of audited accounts.
  • A copy of the registers are available for inspection.
  • Listings of veterinary hospitals, veterinary services providers, and prescribed business interests are available for inspection.

Contact Details

The Registrar

Email: [email protected]
+61 8 8359 3334
Mail: GPO Box 11020, Adelaide, SA 5001