The practice of veterinary surgery is regulated by the Veterinary Practice Act 2003, and the Veterinary Practice Regulations 2017. Links to the Act and regulations are included below:


Other legislations which may affect the practice of veterinary surgery includes:
  • Controlled Substances Act 1984
  • Animal Welfare Act 1985
  • Live Stock Act 1997
  • Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals (SA) Act 1994
  • Animal and Plant Control (Agricultural Protection and Other Purposes) Act 1986
  • Radiation Protection And Control Act 1982
  • Trade Practices Act 1974
These Acts are available via the government legislation website - www.legislation.sa.gov.au

Veterinary surgeons should be familiar with all legislation that controls their professional activities. A finding of unprofessional conduct may be sustained if an Act is contravened, so you should take the time to become familiar with the provisions of these Acts, as well as the Veterinary Practice Act 2003.