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      Adelaide, SA 5001
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The Veterinary Surgeons Board of South Australia administers the Veterinary Practice Act 2003 and the Veterinary Practice Regulations 2005 (the Act). One of the roles of the Board is to regulate the professional conduct of veterinary surgeons, in order to maintain a high standard of service for the community.

If you wish to notify the Registrar of any matter of concern regarding the conduct of a veterinary surgeon, please complete the form provided and set out the relevant facts in chronological order. If you were not the person presenting the animal to the veterinary surgeon, please provide the name and address of that person. If possible, please include a signed statement by the person who dealt with the veterinary surgeon.

The steps involved in processing, assessing and investigating a notification are as follows:

1. The Registrar will receive the notification and consider its level of seriousness.

2. The Registrar will confirm receipt of the notification in writing.

3. The veterinary surgeon will be sent a copy of the completed notification form and will be asked to respond to the issues arising from the reported matters. If other veterinary surgeons are involved in the matter, the Registrar will request a report from those veterinary surgeons. Copies of patient records will be requested.

4. In some circumstances, a copy of the veterinary surgeon's response may be provided to you. You may be invited to provide any further evidence and state where you disagree with the facts presented.

5. The Registrar will present the notification to the Board's Notifications Committee. The committee will consider relevant documents and provide advice to the Registrar.

6. If the Registrar determines that the matter constitutes proper cause for disciplinary action against the veterinary surgeon, the Registrar may lay a disciplinary complaint before the Board alleging unprofessional conduct.

7. If the Registrar lays a disciplinary complaint before the Board, you may be notified and may be asked to participate in a record of interview and attend a hearing to give evidence. If the Board finds that the veterinary surgeon has engaged in unprofessional conduct, the Board may impose a range of sanctions, from imposition of a fine to cancellation of registration.

Unprofessional conduct includes:

(a) improper or unethical conduct in relation to professional practice; and

(b) incompetence or negligence in relation to the provision of veterinary treatment; and

(c) contravention of or failure to comply with:

(i) a provision of the Act; or

(ii) a code of conduct or professional standards prepared or endorsed by the Board under the Act; and

(d) conduct that constitutes an offence punishable by imprisonment for one year or more under some other Act or law.

8.If the Registrar determines not to lay a disciplinary complaint before the Board, the Registrar may attempt to resolve the matter with the veterinary surgeon(s) through such methods as correspondence or the provision of undertakings.

Please note that the Board has no power under the Veterinary Practice Act 2003 to deal with notifications relating to fee disputes, and is not able to order veterinary surgeons to pay compensation/damages.

Please also note due to the confidentiality provision of the Veterinary Practice Act 2003, the Registrar will be limited in the information which she can disclose to you about the outcome of her assessment of the matter and any disciplinary action taken by the Board against the veterinary surgeon. However, if conditions are imposed on a veterinary surgeon's registration or a veterinary surgeon is removed from the register(s) as a result of a disciplinary inquiry conducted by the Board, that information will be disclosed to you as a matter of public record.