National Recognition of Veterinary Registration

A veterinary surgeon who is registered in another State or Territory of Australia is deemed to be registered in South Australia providing that his/her principal place of residence remains in the interstate jurisdiction in which he/she is registered.

Section 38(2) of the Veterinary Practice Act 2003 (VP Act) provides that "principal place of residence includes any jurisdiction which was, in the last 3 months, the person's principal place of residence".

A veterinary surgeon who is practising in South Australia under the deemed registration provisions of the VP Act is required to hold professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the VSBSA's requirements (see below).

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Section 44(1) of the VP Act provides:

A veterinary surgeon must not, unless exempted by the Board, provide veterinary treatment for fee or reward unless insured in a manner and to an extent approved by the Board against civil liabilities that might be incurred by him or her in the course of providing veterinary treatment.

Maximum penalty: $10,000

All veterinary surgeons providing veterinary treatment for fee or reward in South Australia (including those practising under the deemed registration provisions of the VP Act) must ensure that they are covered by a policy which meets the VSBSA's professional indemnity insurance requirements unless they have been granted an exemption from this requirement by the VSBSA.

Categories of Registration

Registration under the VP Act is available in the following categories:

  • General Registration - registration on the general register
  • Specialist Registration - registration on the specialist register in a particular specialty

A person cannot be on the specialist register unless the person is also on the general register.

Eligibility for Registration

To be eligible for registration in South Australia under the VP Act, applicants must have qualifications which are recognised by the VSBSA for the purposes of registration on the general register or in the specialty to which the application relates.

If you wish to enquire about whether your qualifications provide eligibility to apply for registration under the VP Act, please email [email protected].

Renewal of Registration

The VP Act requires that every veterinary surgeon must, in each calendar year, by 31 December, pay to the Board, the prescribed annual practice fee for the following year and lodge an annual return in respect of the preceding calendar year including information relating to the continuing professional development (CPD) activity. The VSBSA may remove from the register(s) a person who fails to comply with these requirements.

Change of Contact Details

Veterinary surgeons must inform the VSBSA in writing of any change to their name, business address or residential address within 3 months of the change.

Veterinary surgeons should also advise the VSBSA of any change to their email address.

Please advise the VSBSA of any changes by email to [email protected].


Fees for the 2022/23 financial year: Scale of VSBSA fees

Applications for Registration as a Veterinary Surgeon in South Australia

Application forms for registration or reinstatement of registration can be downloaded from the 'Forms' webpage.