The Veterinary Surgeons Board of South Australia (VSBSA) exercises its statutory functions under the Veterinary Practice Act 2003 with the object of protecting animal health, safety and welfare, and the public interest by achieving and maintaining high professional standards both of competence and conduct in the provision of veterinary treatment in South Australia.

One of the roles of the VSBSA is to register veterinary surgeons and regulate the profession in order to maintain a high standard of service for the South Australian community.

If you wish to apply for registration as a veterinary surgeon in South Australia, please visit the New Graduate or Registration page of this website.

If you wish to notify the VSBSA of a matter of concern regarding the conduct or competence of a veterinary surgeon, please visit the Concerns about Veterinary Surgeons page of this website.

Assessing and Managing the Risk: COVID Exposures in Veterinary Services Facilities
The SA Health Guideline: Assessing and managing the risk: COVID exposures in critical services and infrastructure applies to the veterinary services sector. The Guideline will apply when the South Australian population's COVID vaccination rate is 80-90% of persons aged 16+, or as directed by the Chief Public Health Officer.
Work Health and Safety Responsibilities - COVID-19
Persons conducting veterinary businesses have a responsibility under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) to keep up to date with the latest COVID-19 information and advice to ensure that they maintain a healthy and safe workplace.
Suspension of registration - Dr Geoffrey Hampton Warren
Suspension of registration - Dr Geoffrey Hampton Warren